We Provide Best Dance Classes

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No one is a true beginner at dance because you’ve been to parties! You’ve paraded; you’ve jumped around on the floor. But if you are looking to improve yourself in such a way that you can impress yourself and others, join us. Because after some time spent dancing you will find that you have started impressing yourself!

Children As Beginners

Children have boundless energy and dance is a fun and unique way for them to release it. They learn a lot about their movement, how their bodies move, and they have fun.

Our instructors are experienced with children and enjoy teaching them. You can come, join in and watch the classes as well, or even dance with your kids. So when you’re searching for ‘dance classes near me for kids’, think of FLUX.

Best Dance exercise classes

One thing dance can do for you is that it makes you sweat. You will be leaping around our 3000 sq. feet sized studio and bounding across its floors every day. We do not offer a class that focuses on exercise because we don’t need one. In fact every class is a workout as a multi-purpose response to your query ‘dance classes near me’. You won’t need to hit the gym ever again. Running on an elliptical for 2 hours might burn the same amount of calories but adds nothing to your skills.

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